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MARCY L’HOMMEDIEU, L.Ac. is dedicated to providing a place where healing can come full circle. This circle begins by seeing a person’s potential for health, and the sacredness of the spirit, and is completed as the patient is harmonized in body, mind, and spirit. Treatment may involve acupuncture, Acutonics®, herbal medicine, and other healing modalities. Each patient receives a treatment that is unique and customized to the issues being addressed. Marcy truly believes that each individual can reach optimal health in body, mind and spirit. Her practice, Harmonic Acupuncture, is located in Savannah, GA.

Harmonic Acupuncture Savannah


Rebalancing the pathways to better health.

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Vibration and sound attune the whole body.

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Herbal Medicine

Rebuilding and enhancing the body’s natural energetics.

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